USA AI Generated Art Wall Decor – Abstract Poster And Canvas Catalog Launched

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Intelligent Cloud has launched a gallery of AI-generated art. Customers can preview the wide selection of posters and canvases to find the perfect art for their home.

Intelligent Cloud, a group of Silicon Valley engineers, has announced the launch of an online gallery of art created using artificial intelligence (AI). The company believes that AI will dramatically change the artwork and human society as a whole within the next 20 years.

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The launch of the online gallery aims to give customers access to a wide selection of AI-generated art and showcase the creative potential of artificial intelligence.

The rapid development of AI technology is changing many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, logistics, and even entertainment. Though many think of AI as primarily a tool for business optimization, the technology can be used to create visually appealing artwork.

The engineers at Intelligent Cloud use Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) modeling to create unique artwork. The artwork is made with a technique called “style transfer,” which allows the artists to transform a base image to have features similar to those of a desired set of style images. Using this technology, the Intelligent Cloud team can create innovative art collections that have a cohesive visual design.

Customers can browse the company’s library of AI-created art, which is organized into categories, such as abstract, nature, fractal, and mindfulness art. The artwork is available on both framed poster prints and high-quality canvas, and customers can choose from a variety of size options. The website hosts a 3D art gallery, which allows visitors to virtually walk through as though they were in a physical art exhibition.

In addition, the company offers an augmented reality preview feature that allows customers to upload a picture of their home and see how the artwork would look on display.

Intelligent Cloud also offers an eMagazine entitled “AI Transformation.” The magazine discusses how AI is changing the world and advises readers on how best to adapt to the new way of life. Art enthusiasts can connect with the company on social media at

The company is confident in the future of AI, as a spokesperson said: “We are at the crossroads of civilization change. Everything will change your job, your lifestyle, your transportation, your health, your entertainment, and even your religious beliefs.”

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