US Wholesale Christian Jewelry Sunflower Pendant – Celebratory Gift Launched

A new pre-holiday jewelry range has been announced by Joyfulle. The online retailer specializes in creating elegant necklaces for people to share and celebrate love, joy, and the Christian faith.

The jewelry range is made up of several pendant necklaces, whose designs are influenced by nature and Christianity. The collection features a variety of themes celebrating Christianity, nurses, teachers, graduating students, sports, and positivity.

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The latest product range has been released as part of a pre-holiday campaign on Handshake. Their jewelry offers customers inspirational words from the scriptures to aid them in living with hope and joy according to their faith.

Each piece in the collection is crafted with a high level of attention to detail. It is explained that each design is made with love for a premium-quality product and shopping experience.

An example of one of their bestselling products is the Joyfulle Naomi Sunflower Pendant Necklace. The gold- and silver-toned sunflower is suspended from a fine silver chain.

The necklace is contained in a folding presentation card featuring two uplifting phrases about being thankful for teachers. The company underscores that the pendant would make an ideal teacher appreciation gift.

The presentation card that accompanies each pendant necklace also features an appropriate prayer, a selection of Bible verse references for different life scenarios, and an inspirational image to enjoy.

Joyfulle have recently partnered with Handshake to offer their jewelry range to retailers and wholesalers. They are currently offering a pre-holiday sale, with retailers receiving a 10% discount and wholesalers a 40% discount.

The complete jewelry range is suitable to give as a gift on special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas. Free shipping is available on all orders over $35, and customers can buy with confidence knowing every design is handmade. Anyone not satisfied with their purchase can utilize the 30-day money-back promise.

A recent customer has said of their Joyfulle experience: “I purchased this for my mother for Christmas, and she loved it. It is a great quality necklace, and very unique. I definitely do not regret the purchase.”

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