US Whole House Tap Water Filters Quality Clean Affordable Products Launched

AquaOx Water Filters launched a new range of whole house tap water filters that protect homeowners and their families from harmful contaminants coming into their house.

AquaOx Water Filters announced the launch of a new range of whole house tap water filters. These new filters use a Double Vortech technology that keeps media level inside the tank for a proper filtration each time and eliminates water channeling. This allows the AquaOx to have three times the surface time of the competition. Adequate surface time ensures proper removal of harmful chemicals and contaminants.

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According to recent studies, Americans buy over half a billion bottles of water every week even though there are virtually no real benefits to consuming bottled water. The newly launched whole house tap water filters at AquaOx Water Filters aim to protect families across the US from harmful elements in the water supply.

A recent study notes that 60-70% of bottled water companies bottle and sell the water in the same state to avoid Federal purity standards. This means that they avoid complying with basic health standards, such as those that apply to municipally treated tap water.

In the case of public water systems, the Environmental Protection Agency regulates that all city tap water must be filtered and disinfected.

However, whether people have municipally supplied tap water or use private well water, their water could contain contaminants that negatively impact their health including the Chlorine and other chemicals used by the municipality to treat the water. That is why AquaOx Water Filters use an abundance of premium filtration media that makes the system last longer and provides better water filtration.

The AquaOx water filtration system lasts the average 10-12 years, unlike most systems on the market that require to be replaced every 5 years. A lot of systems installed have lasted 20+ years for the average family of 4 people in a home. This helps homeowners save on cost and the headache of replacing every 5 years.

A satisfied customer said: “The water is better tasting. The atmosphere around the home is better. The stinking chemicals that had contaminated the water so bad are no longer there. So drinking water now is more enjoyable. Everyone in the house is drinking more water.”

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