US Vendors And Merchant Credit Card Processing Cost Reduction Program Launched

Payment Card Advisory Group have launched a new service for businesses and merchants designed to significantly cut the cost of fees hidden in every credit card transaction. Clients can save up to 66% on their fees.

Payment Card Advisory Group have launched a new service designed to help the 96% of US businesses who are unknowingly being overcharged to accept credit card payments. This is a completely independent service that can cut up to 66% of processing costs. There is no need to change credit card processing systems, and clients can audit any of the steps taken to prove just how much money they will save.

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The team at the Payment Card Advisory Group has helped thousands of merchants save millions of dollars in fees since 2001. Their near two decades of expertise allows them to reduce costs in three crucial areas every time clients accept a credit or debit card payment.

Visa & Mastercard Assessment fees go to the credit card companies every time a card is used. There are also Interchange fees that go to the card issuing bank. When credit cards first came into existence, there were just three interchange categories: card present, mail order, and telephone. Today, there is just one other way to accept credit cards, over the internet, yet there are now over 700 interchange categories.

This is a confusing area requiring specialized knowledge to untangle. For busy businesses, processing thousands of credit card payments provides the potential to significantly cut avoidable costs.

Payment Card Advisory Group have simplified their service to the extent that all the work is done by them. By sharing their understanding and insight they can even make clients more profitable without the client having to change their bank or processor.

They start by benchmarking the client’s credit card processing data and then create a unique cost-recovery blueprint. This cost-recovery blueprint continues to work as long as the business accepts credit and debit cards. All clients have to do to obtain their own road map and start saving money is to request a free, no-obligation phone consultation.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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