US Telehealth Clinic Calendar Appointments – Practice Management Software Launch

A new health clinic practice management rollout has been launched across the USA by Power Diary. The innovative admin solution improves daily workload efficiency and patient communication.

Power Diary has announced the launch of a full nationwide USA rollout for its innovative practice management software. It empowers health professionals and clinics to improve productivity and efficiency across every level of their practice.

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The newly launched platform provides clinic owners and staff with an integrated solution for all of their admin and patient interaction requirements. Features include calendar management, telehealth video calls, and online form filling.

Patients and clients can be managed seamlessly within one destination, and detailed analytics and reporting are also available.

The goal of Power Diary is to streamline appointment booking and patient engagement. The software helps clinics to operate at a higher level and achieve their growth goals with improved focus and clarity.

Its core feature is the calendar, designed for simplified scheduling and patient management. Important details about each person can be stored and accessed from the same dashboard, with an easy-to-use clinical notes tool.

With the pandemic placing additional stress on healthcare specialists around the country, the cutting-edge software can reduce admin anxiety. The larger a healthcare practice grows, the more likely they are to need an optimized system to assist with the daily operations of their work.

The latest research shows that clinics across the US have a number of common needs that can be addressed by implementing Power Diary. This includes scheduling, treatment plan development, billing, and appointment reminders.

Power Diary has been designed exclusively for use in the healthcare space and can reduce time spent on admin while offering effective tools for reducing patient no-shows.

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Because communication is simplified via email, direct mail, or SMS, patients receive a more professional experience at every stage of the process. Furthermore, because the software is cloud-based, it can be run from anywhere, making it well suited to the current health situation where remote work is increasingly prominent.

A satisfied client said: “The convenience of online access to Power Diary for practitioners and online booking for patients is huge for us. Communication with the team is easy and quick responses are the rule. Great value.”

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