US Student College Planning 2022 Education Investment Calculator/Report Release

San Jose, CA tutoring provider Engenius Learning has launched a new report for parents, detailing a data-influenced approach to finding the right college and fields of study with the best ROI.

The new report, aimed at helping students and their parents make the right choices for the future, provides guidance on choosing a college using a College Investment Calculator. Engenius Learning has devised the 5 | 10 | 20 Rule, which encourages looking to the future beyond college for a greater chance at success.

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Through the new report for American students, Engenius Learning offers an effective and thorough method that helps applicants position themselves for the best possible outcomes of the college planning process.

Research shows that general college planning advice, which tends to place primary focus on getting into the “best” college, is not benefiting students long-term. With a nationwide drop-out rate of nearly 50%, it is clear that a more subjective approach to college planning is required to secure long-term success.

The new report encourages parents to adopt the Future Planning approach to choosing a college. With this approach, the focus shifts to both getting to and through college with a degree that has future objectives and long-term success in mind. The company’s 5 | 10 | 20 Rule offers a simple method of future planning that is proven effective. Parents and students are encouraged to examine 5-year graduation rates and 20-year prospects for all available majors and sectors.

The report outlines several shortcomings of the current college planning system and offers guidance on choosing the best college. A real-world case study illustrates the positive outcomes of using Engenius Learning’s data-influenced approach.

With the latest report, Engenius Learning continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving children’s education in California and across the United States. With over 25 years of experience, the company is renowned for its dedicated in-person and online tutoring programs.

Director Mike Flynn speaking for the company said: “The key to success is finding the best combination of the right college and the right major. You need to find the balance between earning a college degree and achieving your career goals. To do this, you need to find out which colleges have the highest graduation rates and offer the best chance of a solid ROI for your future.”

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