US Small Business Leadership Coach Henry Chidgey Launches YouTube Channel

Henry Chidgey Leadership Coaching (512-663-9476), the online coaching platform of expert Texas-based business leader Henry Chidgey, has launched a new YouTube channel where he shares his practical business advice.

The hallmark of his new channel is his Henry Chidgey Wednesday Morning Memo. These short videos about business and leadership skills and challenges are posted every Wednesday morning Central Time (CT) and are designed as a practical resource for growth-oriented leaders.

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The launch of his new digital advice platform coincides with the latest statistics from Oberlo. According to the research group, the number of small businesses in the US grew by 2.5 percent last year, culminating a growth of 9.8 percent over the four-year period from 2017 to 2021.

Today, the number of small businesses in the US has reached 32.5 million, making up nearly 99.9 percent of all US businesses.

Henry Chidgey Leadership Coaching understands that small businesses play an increasingly significant role in the US economy. Chidgey also commends the entrepreneurial spirit and drive that has led to small businesses flourishing in scale and number across the country.

However, Chidgey’s immense 50 plus years of experience in billion-dollar publicly traded corporations has also taught him that there is a certain formula to success – and that if a business owner, sole trader, manager or entrepreneur doesn’t possess the required skillset and mindset, their business can flounder and ultimately fail.

As such, Chidgey is proud to be offering, through his YouTube platform, complimentary advice to aspiring and existing small business owners. Recent topics covered in his weekly Wednesday memos have included how to develop a coaching style of leadership, why self-reflection is necessary to be a successful leader, how to make one’s business a great place to work, and how to disagree respectfully.

Workplace and business leaders who would like to continue growing their skills are also advised to seek out Chidgey’s personalized leadership coaching services. In his one-on-one, tailored training programs, he helps his clients to grow their confidence, gain more respect from their staff, improve the results of their team and business, and ultimately earn more money.

About Henry Chidgey Leadership Coaching

Henry Chidgey Leadership Coaching is an expansive coaching firm led by experienced executive and mentor Henry Chidgey. They assist both small business owners and powerful CEOs to develop their teams, businesses, and visions of future success.

Chidgey said of his new YouTube channel, “My calling in this life is to positively influence every leader I meet or interact with in an impactful, profound, and authentic way. As an experienced leader, I am able to help you with proven, practical guidance. Not theories. I have led, coached, and guided thousands of people in the pursuit of being great leaders with inspired, effective teams.”

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