US Pregnancy Morning Sickness Natural Aromatherapy Remedy Wristbands Launched

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Florida based NoMo Nausea has launched their new morning sickness remedy wristbands, which use medical grade essential oils and pressure point therapy to alleviate symptoms.

NoMo Nausea, a natural wellness company based in Tampa, Florida, is now selling their anti-nausea wristbands to assist pregnant women who are suffering from morning sickness. Utilizing essential oils and targeted but gentle pressure, these bands are designed to alleviate the often-debilitating symptoms of this condition.

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The announcement coincides with the ongoing global health pandemic which has put an increasing pressure on American health services, leaving many pregnant women feeling unable to access the standard level of primary care for problematic morning sickness.

As such, NoMo is devoted to providing women throughout the US with an all-natural remedy to morning sickness which can be purchased with ease online or in-store across the country at over 10,000 retailers.

NoMo combines three holistic medical approaches into their easy to use waterproof and latex-free elastic wristband, helping wearers to conveniently combat morning sickness and experience the full joys of pregnancy.

In particular, using the latest in acupressure research and theory, the band places pressure on P6, also called the vascular meridian, in order to relieve nausea. The band is also scented with peppermint essential oil producing both an aromatherapy effect, whereby wearers can get instant relief by smelling the band, and a cooling sensation on the skin, which can assist in neuromodulation and distraction from the sensation of sickness.

The morning sickness band is now on offer in addition to NoMo Nausea’s full range of products including their natural migraine and headache relief band, no more sleepless nights children’s remedy and natural nausea relief children’s band, as well as their nausea for dogs band.

NoMo Nausea was founded by anesthetist Dr. Jacqueline Darna who suffered from crippling nausea following her emergency cesarean section, a condition which stopped her from being able to enjoy the birth of her daughter in full. Since that time NoMo has grown to the point that their products have been featured on ABC, NBC, Daytime and The Today’s Show.

NoMo Nausea is currently a part of eleven clinical trials, has been published in several academic papers and is in use by OBGYNs in hospitals around the US.

One satisfied customer said of NoMo Nausea’s wristbands, “Not wanting to take anti-nausea medication, I wanted a safe method to keep the nausea, vomiting and dizziness at bay so I wouldn’t skip a beat at work or at home. I found NoMo Nausea in the process of my research and the day I put my NoMo bracelet on was the day my world and my pregnancy came together in sweet harmony. Finally I can live again.”

Interested parties can access more information by visiting the website above.

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