US Nearshore JavaScript Developer Hiring Service: Outsourcing Alternative Update

ParallelStaff, a nearshore outsourcing service, has updated its policies to help American companies hire JavaScript and software developers quickly, while still accessing top industry talent.

Every year, software development gets a little more complex, and top talent is a little harder to find, particularly for businesses that only employ local staff. ParallelStaff helps to connect businesses with top software developers that match the needs of their projects by accessing key experts from Latin America.

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The past few years have shown business owners both the advantages and the pitfalls of working with remote staff, whether those staff members are in the same city, or on the other side of the world. ParallelStaff has used this experience to improve its hiring policies and make sure it targets software developers that maximize the benefits of remote work, without the most common issues.

The main challenge reported by businesses with widespread remote workers is difficulty in accomplishing certain time-sensitive activities due to workers being in multiple time zones. ParallelStaff eliminates this problem by only targeting software developers in Latin America, and ensuring they are placed with companies in matching time zones.

Another common issue caused by having project teams located around the world is the difficulty in gathering the team in one physical space. ParallelStaff only accepts software developers that have valid passports and tourist visas, so they can travel to the USA for up to 6 months at a time.

The team has also updated its English fluency requirements to make sure every team member not only speaks fluent English but also has a solid understanding of the language. They use the Common European Framework of References for Languages and guarantee that every engineer has a B2 to C2 ranking.

ParallelStaff is known for having dedicated staff and low attrition, averaging less than 10% a year over the last several years. They also have an exceptionally high rate of acceptance by employers, with an average of 90% of their picks being accepted on the first try. While the company can assemble an entire IT team in about 10 days, they use a process that often starts delivering the first team members within five days or fewer.

A spokesperson for ParallelStaff said, “Whether you’re looking to augment your project team temporarily or hire a dedicated team, the professionals working with you won’t feel like independent contractors. They’re members of the team, in every way possible.”

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