US Motorists Auto Insurance Premium Reduction During Pandemic – Guide Launched

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A new guide by Car Insurance Zen details how car owners can lower their monthly auto insurance coverage during these trying times.

Car Insurance Zen, a website specializing in high-quality auto insurance informational resources, has released a guide on how car owners in the US can reduce their monthly auto insurance premium during this pandemic.

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With many people out of work and looking to cut back on their expenses, this latest guide from Car Insurance Zen highlights opportunities drivers can benefit from to lower their monthly insurance costs.

As the guide explained, car insurance is one of the major costs motorists have to bear to keep their vehicles on the road. On average, a comprehensive package costs around $130 to $170, which is quite expensive for an average American household.

The guide suggested that car owners request a refund from their insurance company since they no longer drive as much as they used to because of the pandemic. The recommendation is based on the fact that the amount a driver pays in auto insurance premium depends primarily on the car’s mileage.

Another cost-saving opportunity covered in the guide includes choosing the pay-per-mile option. This option is available to car owners who are renewing their auto insurance from the same company. With this coverage, the shorter the distance traveled in a month, the lower the premium. However, since the pandemic has almost halted mobility, it means the driver may have little to no car insurance coverage to pay at the end of the month.

Car owners can also opt to update the monthly coverage to reflect their new driving habits. Since they may not be driving as often as before, the guide suggests that the driver consider lowering their premium, especially if it is high already.

With the guide’s release, Car Insurance Zen continues to provide its audience with high-quality, relevant, and timely resources they need to make the most of their car insurance policy.

A company spokesperson said: “With the pandemic halting mobility, you may not be driving as much as you used to before the pandemic. As a result, the premiums you are paying for your car insurance may be an additional burden. In this guide, we highlighted opportunities that will help lower your monthly car insurance coverage.”

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