US Mindfulness Healing Technique – Self-Awareness/Intuition Program Launched

Connected Spirit Publications, the publishing firm of prolific author and presenter Clif Taylor, has launched a new three-step healing technique called Clear, Calm, and Open.

The fundamental premise of this new wellness methodology is the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Clear, Calm, and Open offers a way for people who are experiencing stress, confusion, and existential angst to gain greater clarity, consciousness, mindfulness, and intuition.

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The launch comes after the end of another challenging year, with the global pandemic making many across the US feel that they aren’t in control of their own destiny.

With a recent investigation by Medium revealing that 94% of American adults now make personal improvement commitments, Clif Taylor understands that while the overwhelming majority of people want to be better, and want to feel better, they often lack the tools to make meaningful transformations in both their inner and outer worlds.

As such, he is proud to present his new methodology for attaining self-awareness and a sense of inner peace. This tripartite program follows the sentiment expressed in each core word and matches them with an element of the self.

The first, ‘clear,’ refers to the mind. The goal of the technique is to lead participants towards a mind which is clear of distractions, limiting mindsets, and negativity. In time, participants may find themselves able to achieve a meditative mind, which is clear even of thoughts.

The next dimension of the program is about the body and facilitates a physically ‘calm’ state, one which is accessible during both periods of rest, activity, and stress. Finally, Clear, Calm, and Open turns to the soul. Their goal is to find a spiritual center which allows a person to be grounded and one with themselves, whilst remaining peacefully ‘open’ to others and to the world around them.

For those who make the decision to join the program, the first step is a simple online questionnaire. This assessment comes with a detailed report that illuminates the user’s key personality and behavior traits. It also aligns them to the core principles of Clear, Calm, and Open, outlining the actions they can take to make their first steps towards enlightenment.

Participants can then choose to pursue the Pathway Package, which includes an e-book copy of “Clear, Calm, and Open Raising Your Intuition and Consciousness to Their Highest Level.”

Clif Taylor is a world traveler, an expert in intuition, and the author of a number of mindfulness texts. He is passionate about raising the quality of life of the people who engage with his work.

A spokesperson for Connected Spirit Publications said, “Clear, Calm, and Open is accessible to people of all ages and walks of life who may be seeking enlightenment, higher levels of intuition, consciousness, and mindfulness, or seeking ways to eliminate stress, gain clarity and balance, and cope with and navigate through life’s struggles.”

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