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A new guide has been launched by Love Online College covering the best options for military personnel. It helps military members to find the right fit for their needs.

A new guide has been launched covering how to choose the best online college for military personnel. Active service members and veterans are likely to face more hurdles in finding institutes capable of serving their needs, but the new guide streamlines the selection process with in-depth insight.

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The newly launched guide explains that many military staff members and veterans opt to join online colleges because they can help them adapt to a civilian lifestyle. Furthermore, a lot of online programs present the same courses as in-person options.

However, it can often be confusing for those seeking the best options. Additionally, there is so much choice available that many military members don’t know what the best online course providers are. The newly launched guide aims to overcome this.

Options covered in the new guide are Saint Louis University, Keizer University at Ft Lauderdale, Drexel University, LeTourneau University, and Maryville University at Saint Louis, MO.

SLU is a private Catholic institution that offers military-friendly online undergraduate programs. Keizer University is a leading private college that provides flexible bachelor’s degree programs, while Drexel University is rated as one of the leading online options.

LETU is located in Longview, Texas, and is a private institution that offers online degrees in fields like business, nursing and engineering. Meanwhile, Maryville University dates back to 1872 and supports military learners through the different stages of their education.

A spokesperson from Love Online College states: “Military service holders and online colleges in the USA are beneficial for each other. Whether someone is at a training base far off from home, recruited overseas, or coming back to civilian life, dedication to service is primary.”

For those who wish to find the best course available online, there are a number of things to consider. The newly launched guide aims to help with the decision-making process so that more military members can find the education solution they need.

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