US Medical Certification/License Tracking App – Healthcare Professionals Launch

medtigo Connect's Tracker app has been launched to help healthcare professionals keep track of their CMEs, certifications, and licenses. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

medtigo, a US-based company serving healthcare professionals, announced the launch of a Tracker app. Members of the medtigo Connect program can keep track of all their certifications in one place.

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With the latest announcement, the company can help healthcare professionals seamlessly organizing their workflow and ensure they are up to date with all their CMEs, certifications, and licenses.

The Tracker feature lets members upload and track numerous documents. Professionals signed up to the program can look after their continuing medical education (CME) papers, along with certifications and licenses.

The tracking app allows users to sync their profiles with the hospital they work at. They can do likewise with other healthcare institutions, allowing these places to view their certifications whenever they need to. Both iOS and Android users can download the app at no cost on their smartphones.

While using the app, members have constant access to their schedules. Furthermore, they can set up automated reminders for when their documents are about to expire.

Through the Tracker app, healthcare professionals can see how much they’ve earned on an ongoing basis. In addition, members of the platform can choose to withdraw their earnings whenever they want.

All documents uploaded to the app are stored in the medtigo cloud. Accessing these documents requires two-factor authentication, and other security measures are in place too.

medtigo’s latest announcement forms part of the company’s commitment to catering to the professional needs of US healthcare workers.

Headquartered in North Adams, Massachusetts, the company was founded in 2014. They offer healthcare workers the ability to expand their qualifications and connect with professionals in their sector. In addition, platform members can receive mentoring and discover staffing opportunities. Visit to learn more.

Commenting on their app, a company spokesperson said: “The Tracker feature allows you to upload and track all of your certifications, licenses, and CME’s to make sure you stay compliant without needing to worry.”

“Our platform was created by physicians as a safe and trustworthy place for all of your professional needs,” they added.

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