US Indoor/Outdoor Gun Range Building – Target Shooting Design Service Expanded

Springville UT-based Spire Ranges have expanded their shooting range building services to customers across the United States. The specialize in shooting range software, equipment, and installations for indoor or outdoor shooting ranges.

Spire Ranges has expanded its indoor and outdoor gun range design and installation services for residential and commercial customers across the United States. The company provides bespoke target shooting ranges for multiple applications.

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Spire Ranges’ newly expanded design services have been scaled up to build small arms firing ranges that can compete with the finest training facilities in the world. The company builds ranges for civilian use and for training law enforcement and military personnel.

Developing optimal shooting ranges requires expert consultation throughout the entire process of design, installation, and maintenance. Ventilation, spacing, and in some cases, licensing, factor into the decision-making process when choosing between indoor or outdoor ranges.

Located in Springville, Utah, Spire Ranges consults, designs, and installs shooting range facilities throughout the United States. The company manufactures custom shooting range equipment including shooting stalls, steel or rubber bullet traps, and range controls, among other components.

Spire Ranges uses local partners to assist in the sourcing and production of raw material to supply the training needs of industries, government agencies, businesses, and individuals across the country. Products come with an iron-clad warranty. Spire’s finished facilities include bullet traps, target systems, baffles, shooting stalls, acoustics, and more. The Spire Ranges team also ensures thorough testing and quality control of every product they provide to end users.

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Spire Range’s website includes a photo gallery showcasing its outdoor and indoor shooting range projects.

A spokesperson for the range design and manufacturing company said, “Our goal is to provide shooters with the most up-to-date, modern firing ranges. Whatever your shooting range needs to do, we can facilitate it. We identify and solve service issues quickly to ensure that your range is up and running. That’s the guarantee we place on every range we install.”

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