US GS1 Image Integration/Digital Shelf Implementation Services Launched

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The GS1 images and data initiative includes more than 151 product attributes. One digital marketing agency offers new GS1 consultation and compliance services for American food manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Food Marketing Solutions has expanded its range of products to include professional GS1 image integration services.

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This latest announcement will help foodservice companies optimize their digital shelf for increased customer visibility and improved branding.

Food Marketing Solutions is a marketing company that helps food suppliers, manufacturers and distributors boost profitability and customer retention. The agency works closely with food-related businesses to manage sales and marketing campaigns. With over 18 years of experience in the field, the company has become the leading digital marketing agency within the American food industry.

The marketing company’s extended GS1 image integration services will enable clients to meet strict GS1 compliance standards. The agency’s marketing professionals will gather all product specification data on a client’s products, ensuring all information is correct and messaging is clear.

The company also offers photography for all GS1 SKU products, showing key attributes including images of closed packaging, open packing, inner pack and raw product forms. The team will use GS1 and Amazon product image specifications to ensure all images are compliant.

Clients can also opt to get a professionally styled photo shoot with Food Marketing Solutions. The company’s photographers will carefully plate foods to make them look appetizing. For more information on their 6 step process, visit:

Food Marketing Solutions will migrate all product images and data onto the agency’s unique One2One Social Media Platform. Clients can use the dashboard to link all of their social media accounts and schedule posts across different platforms.

With this latest announcement, the agency reaffirms its commitment to providing food-related businesses with high-quality digital marketing tools to increase visibility and ultimately build a successful brand. The company has also gained a strong reputation for its products and level of client care.

A spokesperson for the company said: “At Food Marketing Solutions, we understand the importance of establishing a solid GS1 initiative. Our services will help clients get more customers with professional photographs and accurate product data.”

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