US Fire Evacuation Mask – Natural Disaster Survival Kits/Emergency Gear Launched

My Patriot Supply has launched a new range of emergency preparedness packs and food supply kits. The specialist company has a passion for self-sufficiency and aims to help its clients achieve an independent and survivalist lifestyle.

The new range includes a Fire Evacuation Mask and Fire Blanket by Ready Hour, a Protein Case Pack Kit, and the Ultimate Solar Power and Cooking Emergency Food Kit. The company offers a wide range of products to ensure customers are prepared for all eventualities.

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Aside from food supplies, My Patriot Supply offers advice and guidance via its updated website. Whether potential customers are planning for the worst-case scenario because of the threat of a natural disaster or want to enjoy a wild camping trip with their family, it has something for everyone.

In a recent post, the company explained how to understand weather and evacuation warnings. Although many in America and Australia are used to extreme temperatures and wildfires, the issue is becoming more prevalent across Europe.

While many individuals are happy to let technology and warning systems advise them when to evacuate, My Patriot Supply states the need for everyone to have their own evacuation action plan for natural disasters or emergency situations.

Demand for survival essentials and preparedness kits has increased over the past few years, which is a trend that is likely to continue. It reflects the instability currently being experienced around the world and the threat it poses to modern society, and the way many individuals have become accustomed to living.

One of the most popular products available through My Patriot Supply is the Ultimate Solar Power and Cooking Emergency Food Kit. The five-star rated product includes a 4-week supply of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a 25-year shelf life. It also features stainless steel drinking cups, flatware, and matches.

This product is designed for emergency situations where the critical infrastructure has been compromised or severely damaged. For instance, after an earthquake, flood, wildfire, or other natural disaster.

My Patriot Supply provides no-cost shipping as standard on orders over $99 to all 48 conterminous United States. It also offers a military discount for veterans, those actively serving, and their dependents.

A happy customer wrote: “We’re thrilled with our decision to order from this company. The customer service is great, and the delivery was fast. The packaging was very professional. We are looking forward to trying the food and will order from them again.”

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