US Eco-Friendly Business B2B LinkedIn Lead Generation Online Training Launched

Sugreel Marketing Agency (+1-919-404-9609) has announced a new five-day training program for B2B lead generation on LinkedIn. Participants will learn proven strategies for green business growth.

The program, which focuses especially on eco-friendly businesses, is part of a new training movement for sustainability companies. The training is led by marketing expert, Billy Fetzner, who has used the strategies to generate over 2,000 leads for his existing clients.

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The new training program centers on several core elements to a successful lead generation campaign. These include searching for ideal prospects, optimizing profile design, creating effective content, and more.

Participants in the program will learn how to create a profile for their ideal prospect, and optimize their campaigns and strategies to reach these clients where they spend most of their time.

Through results-backed optimization strategies, business owners will be able to automate their outreach and build a following grounded in trust.

The training begins soon and will be managed through an exclusive Facebook group. This provides business owners with a space to connect with like-minded professionals and share success stories.

During the sessions, students will get access to case studies showing how Billy generated over 400 qualified leads in 30 days. These methods and strategies can be tailored and utilized for companies in any niche, and business owners can replicate the system for their own growth in just 20 minutes a day.

Implementing LinkedIn solutions for lead generation provides companies with an edge over their competition. The latest industry data shows that 98% of all B2B leads sourced through social platforms are generated on LinkedIn.

Because it’s a dedicated site for professionals, audiences can be targeted more reliably and business owners know that prospects are ready to engage.

Billy Fetzner is an experienced marketing professional who understands the importance of predictable inbound leads for both new and established businesses. He created the training to provide an actionable roadmap for success, even in competitive niches.

He states: “Are you ready to start creating 30+ leads every 5 days on repeat? In this 5-day challenge, I will walk you through the strategy of how I generate over 30 leads every 5 days and how you can too. Get ready to change your perspective and see how LinkedIn can become the cornerstone to your marketing efforts for your business.”

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