US Cycling Logbook – Handmade Bicycle Journal With Prompts/Repair Log Launched

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Joyfulle, the popular online store known for its jewelry and gifts, has launched a new journal for cycling enthusiasts. It can be used as a notebook or logbook, with journaling prompts and a maintenance section.

Printed on quality, bright-white paper, the new journal has a soft cover and is lightweight enough to carry around on bike rides. Cyclists can use it to log their repair and maintenance, while also tracking their experiences.

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Research shows that around 50 million people in the US enjoy cycling as a regular leisure activity. With its latest journal launch, Joyfulle wanted to provide customers with a fun, purposeful gift idea to be given to friends and family who enjoy riding.

The book, called “My Life Behind Bars”, has plentiful white space for the recipient to transcribe their journey, both physical and mental. The journal prompts included in the design trigger memories and inspires productivity.

Especially well suited to beginner cyclists and those just starting out in a new hobby, the journal can capture each stage of their journey. Whether recipients are training for a race or cycling for leisure and peace of mind, the product serves as a meaningful companion.

Journaling has proven mental health benefits, including managing anxiety and reducing stress. It’s also an effective tool for those wanting to track their issues, fears, or goal progression.

Joyfulle stocks a range of cycling-themed products in its online store. These include the “Life is a Journey” necklace, with a bicycle pendant on a simple, elegant chain.

Customers can also buy the “Cycologist” T-shirt, a skull cap helmet liner, and a range of multi-tools and accessories.

A spokesperson for the company states: “At Joyfulle, it is our hope and desire to spread the positive message of God’s love toward all of mankind while presenting a positive message to each recipient of our product line. Each piece in our jewelry line is accompanied by a lovely card with a simple inspirational message to encourage living by faith, trusting God, and having pure joy in our daily walk with our savior.”

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