US Custom Cycling Club Team Kit/Apparel – Crash Replacement Guarantee Launch

Champion System USA, a company specializing in custom technical sports apparel, has launched an updated Crash Replacement Program that provides complimentary replacements for collision-damaged garments.

Champion System USA, specialists in custom technical sports apparel, has announced the launch of its updated Crash Replacement Program. The company understands one of the unfortunate side effects of crashing is destroying a kit, and to lessen the burden they offer complimentary replacements.

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The recently updated Crash Replacement Program is in addition to the company’s standard Lifetime Quality Guarantee on all items. Champion System also offers an on-time delivery guarantee and has low minimum order requirements, though the best pricing is available when ordering at least 10 items.

For teams looking for custom kits Champion System will create a complimentary online store where each team member can place their own order. The kits are wrapped individually and shipped to a central location, or delivered directly to individual team members. Cycling jerseys are available in a variety of styles, from entry-level gear designed for comfort and quality, to WorldTour-proven equipment that maximizes aerodynamics and technical features. They also offer a middle ground Performance collection that offers a balance between comfort and aerodynamics, while maintaining the same high-quality standards.

The materials used in Champion System cycling jerseys offer a high degree of UV protection and are designed to dry quickly. Their kit includes a waterproof pocket, as well as reinforced rear pockets, and silicone grippers on the front and rear to hold the jerseys tightly in place.

Every jersey offers custom design options, and the Champion System team is highly experienced at assisting clients to get their design ideas transferred onto their kit. Their team understands the importance of getting the right design on new equipment, so they do not charge extra for any design revisions before the process is fully completed.

Champion System garments are well known for their contributions to the athletic world and are worn by Olympians and World Champions as well as recreational athletes. Founded in 2005, the company now has offices in 22 countries, and also offers custom-designed kits for cycling, triathlons, and running, along with casual wear.

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