US CBD Buying Guide/2021 Hemp Laws Explained For Beginners – Report Launched

With a growing interest in hemp products nationwide, Plain Jane announces the launch of the digital guidebook, Buying CBD: The Plain Jane CBD Buyer’s Guide. Written with first-time CBD customers in mind, the publication offers a deeper understanding of hemp products and regulations.

One of the latest in a series of educational resources on the company’s blog, Buying CBD provides a thorough overview of the hemp industry. Readers gain an understanding of a variety of topics, including current laws and labeling requirements, potency, and the types of products available.

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The new guide answers common questions held by first-time hemp customers. Current projections show the consumer population will continue to expand alongside the market, which is expected to grow at a rate of 22.5% over the next five years.

Plain Jane’s latest publication empowers the increasing customer base to make informed decisions about the hemp products they purchase. It breaks down complex ideas into a simple and easy-to-read format.

The guidebook begins with a section on quick tips that address basic topics, such as the difference between CBD and THC. Additionally, this segment introduces the types of products available, how to gauge their potency, and understanding bioavailability – the amount of a product that makes it into the bloodstream.

Labels and testing are important aspects of navigating the hemp industry. A large part of the guide covers what to look for to ensure product purity and how to read a label. While Plain Jane offers clean CBD products, it is not uncommon for companies to include irritants, allergens, food coloring, and synthetic flavorings.

Along with educating about harmful additives, the guide reviews typical elements found in a CBD lab report and variations in state laws. Readers are introduced to the most important CBD analyses, including potency, terpene, pesticide residue, and residual solvent tests.

Buying CBD provides a thorough introduction to hemp products and managing their purchase state to state. The audience is prepared to make an informed decision about buying a variety of CBD items including flowers, extracts, isolates, distillates, shatter, sugar, wax, and budder.

About Plain Jane

The company is a leader in the hemp movement and provides a variety of products including CBD tinctures, balms, and cigarettes. Based in Southern Oregon and licensed by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Plain Jane sources its flower from small American family farms. The business is on a mission to provide the best possible hemp products at the most affordable price.

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