US Beauty Seasonal Body Care Boxed Lotion Scrub Bath Salt Collections Launched

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Illinois cosmetics and wellness therapy brand Positive Intent has launched new autumn and winter seasonal collection sets of body lotions, scrubs and bath salts.

Positive Intent, a beauty and wellness brand based in Glenwood, Illinois, has launched new seasonal lines of beauty cleansing product collections. The Fall and Winter-focused editions are temporarily added to the brand’s online range of skincare and therapeutic items that support physical and mental wellbeing through positive mantras.

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As mind-body medicinal techniques and products have risen in popularity and importance worldwide during the stress of the ongoing pandemic, Positive Intent launches the Cuddled Up Fall and Frozen Blitz Winter Beauty Boxes for US customers. The seasonal products propagate self-change and healthy mindsets through Odor-Evoked Memory.

The brand specializes in beauty and fragrance products including lotions, balms, candles and bath salts aligned with specific affirmations. Since studies indicate that the body can be trained to associate smells with emotions and memories, Positive Intent aims for the powerful properties of its fragrances to help create unique mental connections between a given aroma and positive mantras.

The new natural products are botanically infused with aloe vera, shea butter and sunflower oil, nourishing the skin and providing a distinct, unique aroma. With body lotions and scrubs as well as bath and foot salts, each boxed collection brings soothing and hydrating benefits, boosting self-esteem and dispelling anxiety.

Cuddled Up Fall Beauty Box products are scented with warm amber, sandalwood, jasmine, oakmoss and vanilla fragrances, carrying an affirmation of embracing autumnal change. The wintry Frozen Blitz Beauty Box items are centered on a mantra that attests to inner positivity, with aromas of peppermint, cranberries, grapefruit and champagne bubbles.

“The new editions focus on different seasonal mantras,” said a company representative. “The Cuddled Up collection reminds us to ‘embrace transition with joyful anticipation as the season changes.’ The Frozen Blitz Beauty Box brings the theme of ‘Today no matter the weather outside, I keep a little sunlight always in my heart.’ We hope that both will help to keep spirits high as the days grow darker and colder.”

In line with Positive Intent’s treatment of its products with mindfulness, chakra oils and crystal work, products in the new collections are infused with red and blue agate quartz crystals. These are particularly popular for healing, said to improve feelings of stability.

Those interested in positivity and mental wellness improvement methods are invited to visit the company website at the above-mentioned URL for more information on the seasonal collection boxes.

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