US Banking Cryptocurrency Legislation Changes – Economic Impact Report Released has released a new report outlining the effects of a change in the legislation used in US banks and how this change could impact the banking system and fiat currencies.

The report discusses a recent shift in the legislation governing cryptocurrency and its impact on major banks in the United States. It also suggests that moving wealth now before mass cryptocurrency adoption could be beneficial to maximize its earning potential.

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The new report recommends that investors diversify their holdings by investing a portion of their wealth in crypto, citing a move by JP Morgan Chase to create their own cryptocurrency, JPC.

At present, many countries use fiat currency to sustain and evolve their economy. The word “fiat” is of Latin origin and can be translated as “determined by authority.” Governments across the globe use fiat currencies to maintain the money of the masses and this means by law individual wealth can be regulated and its value controlled.

Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether are digital assets that can be used to make purchases much like normal currency, however, transactions are recorded and records are maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than a centralized government. This means the government has no legal access to this personal wealth and cannot restrict, regulate, or confiscate it.

However, the new report suggests that many major banks in the United States have been notified of a recent shift in legislation in which cryptocurrency can now be used to calculate customers’ investment portfolios. Governments and banks could now be looking to profit from the growth of crypto markets around the world. suggests that eventually, this could mean a major overhaul of currency in the future and the restructuring of fiat money. The report discusses the potential benefits of crypto for investors and recommends hedging strategies to counter inflation and currency devaluations.

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