Urine And Saliva pH Test Strips from Just Fitter Announces Annual Business Plan.

Just Fitter, an experienced manufacture of health and wellness products, has ambitious plans for the year 2019. The company has just announced a comprehensive annual business plan for their pH Testing Strips.

Just Fitter has recently announced a detailed annual business plan for their popular Amazon product pH Testing Strips. A well-known manufacturer of health and fitness related products; Just Fitter has the track record of delivering numerous successful Amazon products. Their urine and saliva pH Test Strips has already received accolades from many users, with over seven hundred plus Amazon reviews to its credit. The just announced annual business plan has been created to take the product to the top position in Amazon, and covers several functional areas including quality, manufacturing, customer support, promotion, etc.

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Expressed in a scale of 1 to 14, pH is the indicator of acidity or alkalinity of any object. pH values less than seven represent an acidic pH. On the contrary, objects with a pH of more than seven are considered to be alkaline. Just like every object in this world, the human body also has its pH, and this plays a critical role in the overall well being of the individuals. It has been observed by experts that an alkaline body has a higher capability of resisting itself from different diseases. On the other hand, a body with excess acid load is generally prone to numerous health conditions.

Looking at the benefits of maintaining a neutral or slightly alkaline body pH, there is growing trend around the world to follow an alkaline diet and increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables. Improved bone and cardiovascular health, reduced muscle wasting, and better memory are some of the many benefits of following an alkaline diet. Monitoring of the body pH plays an important role in this process, and same can be accomplished effortlessly using pH testing strips. These strips are extremely popular because they are accurate, inexpensive, and can be administered easily using samples of urine or saliva.

Each pack of Just Fitter pH Testing Strips contain one hundred testing strips plus twenty five bonus strips. The shelf-life of the product is two years from the date of manufacture. However, once the seal is broken, the strips retain their accuracy for up to ninety days.

“The product is excellent, does exactly what it says it does, the chart is easy to read and it’s quick. But the real clincher for me was the incredible customer service. I sent a question by email late Friday afternoon, not expecting to hear back until after the weekend. But the detailed response including extra information came within a couple of hours. So I am giving both the product and it’s manufacturer a five star rating,” mentioned a satisfied user.

“Our annual business plan makes certain recommendations that we believe will help our pH Testing Strips achieve the top position in Amazon,” said a senior spokesperson from Just Fitter. “It covers almost all our functional areas and the implementation of the plan will start very soon.”

To find out more about Just Fitter pH Test Strips, please visit:Just Fitter on amazon.com

About Just Fitter: Founded in 2014, Just Fitter is dedicated to helping people achieve their best physical, mental, and spiritual health by encouraging them to embrace the benefits of a Keto diet lifestyle. Partnering with some of the best doctors, chemists, and nutrition scientists, the company has already helped thousands of people improve their lives in many ways including going Keto. Just Fitter also runs a popular Facebook page called createtheperfectyou, dedicated to helping people adopt the Keto lifestyle.

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