Urgent Care of Kona Welcomes Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O. Manager of Executive Care

Urgent Care of Kona has brought on new expertise and named Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O. as new Expanded Wellness Program manager, of Executive Care. Dr. Knewtson, is in charge of "Charting a new direction in the practice with the implementation of the Executive Care".

ACLS, ATLS, PALS Certified, American Board of Family Practice Certified, Licensed in the State of Hawaii Missouri, Kansas to practice medicine, Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O., takes new position as managing the Expanded Wellness Program, Executive Care, for Urgent Care of Kona. More details can be found at the Staff section of the company website, http://www.urgentcareofkona.com

Urgent Care of Kona CEO, L. Chang-Stroman, M.D., expressed confidence that Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O., is ready to handle the job, saying:

“The growth of our practice demanded someone with the solid experience and expertise in the field of both Executive Care and Urgent Care. The past results, Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O., has attained in other positions makes him a great fit. When combined with the support system that is currently in place in the practice, success is expected. “

Among the new responsibilities Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O., can expect to handle, the main challenges are:

“Charting a new direction in our practice with Executive Care is geared for those who need continuity of care beyond Urgent Care”

“Executive Care will focus on health maintenance and provide scheduled appointments, medication renewals, lab monitoring, testosterone supplements for men, referrals and more.”

“Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O., is part of the new direction that Urgent Care of Kona practice is moving towards”

Patients and current employees are invited to send their messages of congratulations and welcome to the new Urgent Care of Kona, Executive Care Services Attention: Trenton E. Knewtson, D.O, via this email: konaurgentcaremanager@whmgmail.com Executive Care are accepting new patients who are relatively healthy adults, ages 25-65, who take few or no medications. Urgent Care Kona accepts most major insurance plans and is taking appointments for screening exams with Dr. Knewtson. Urgent Care of Kona is open Monday through Friday 8am to 7pm and Saturdays 9am to 5pm. Call 808-327-4357 for an appointment.

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