Urgent Advice re Online Reviews for Brick Paving Companies

It is imperative that brick paving companies take control of their online reviews immediately by creating their own positive review videos and getting them ranked on page 1 of Google.

Online review sites have gained in popularity in the last few years. Sites like Yelp and Angie’s List are now so much more than just directory sites, and provide a place for small businesses like brick paving companies to attract new clients.

These sites can in some cases rank very high in Google, even higher than a company’s own web site, if it is poorly optimised. But, according to Christine F. Abela, online marketing expert with Gecko Gully, they can also be a bad idea.

“Directory sites that allow reviews can have both positive and negative reviews,” says Abela. “Often there are more negative reviews than positive, even for a good brick paver. This is because someone needs to be very very happy to go to the effort to leave a positive review; but only mildly upset to leave a negative one.”

To counteract the negative reviews, Abela recommends the business owner creates a video of the best positive review, and uploads it to YouTube. Because Google owns YouTube, Google gives YouTube videos a priority when deciding ranking.

The video needs to have a title of the business name followed by the word “review”, according to Abela. This is because people who are considering working with a particular brick paving company will search for that company’s name plus the word “review” to find the opinions of other people on that business.

“The review video can be as simple as a screen shot of the web page with the positive review,”, says Abela. “But a 1 minute video with information about the business, their contact details and an invitation to call, will do a lot better job of bringing in new brick paving clients.”

Examples of brick paving review videos created recently by Gecko Gully’s specialist site WebsitesForBrickPavers.com can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT6BL0in2OaSS19lJSjDM1nDbxkxvbnLM

Once the video has been made, there are several recommended steps to getting it to rank on page 1 of Google. Video optimisation strategies include naming the video file using the right keywords, as well as putting these keywords in the title and description of the video.

“There are about twenty steps that can be taken to ensure a video goes to page one of Google, and stays there”, says Abela. “Too often, businesses have a video made for them that never gets them any business, because they have no idea how to get it to rank. That is a terrible waste of the money they spent on the video.”

For this reason, Gecko Gully is now offering several video creation services for brick paving companies as well as a video ranking service. “The review videos have been very popular”, says Abela. They rank quickly on Google, and they are getting a lot of hits – and of course they are making the phone ring.”

Gecko Gully invites brick paving companies (and others) to visit http://WebsitesForBrickPavers.com to get more information about their range of services, including web sites, videos and press releases. They also have a free report and presentation on how to get listed on the top directory sites.

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