Uppercase Capital is First to Market With This New Financial Service

Uppercase Capital offers a financial service that didn't exist and is closing the gap for retirees and pre-retirees to enjoy and secure their retirement goals.

Dave Lockard, the owner of Uppercase Capital knew there was a gap in the financial service industry. With newsletters claiming unrealistic returns to financial sales representatives selling dangerous products for high commissions. Dave knew he could step in and offer retirees a safe and predictable approach to protecting their investment portfolios.

“I have been studying the markets since I was a teenager and have been using investment techniques that are rarely used in the financial service industry. I’m blessed because these techniques have provided me the freedom, flexibility and lifestyle to spend time with my family that most people my age don’t have. I was fortunate to make money in the tech bubble of 2001 and the crash of 2008.”

Dave went on to say, “I like the investment adviser role because they have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, but I haven’t met an adviser that makes money for their clients when a Bear market rears it’s ugly head. It can take years for investors to recoup their losses, which can really set-back an investors retirement goals. All the while these investment advisers are taking a 1% cut from their clients accounts each and every year.”

“We are currently in the longest running Bull market in history and I believe there will be a lot of unsuspecting retirees. They become complacent with the returns they’ve been making, but they aren’t truly prepared for the next market drop. I started Uppercase Capital because I believe I’m filling a much needed gap in the industry. I provide a custom tailored investment plan that isn’t static to the market. If the markets move south, my clients portfolios assets are reallocated to capitalize on market downtrends. A technique that is rarely used in the financial industry.”

Asked why investment advisers don’t take this approach. “I don’t think they have the technical knowledge. They take a series of tests to get licensed, but that doesn’t make them market experts. It’s safe for them to allocate money for Bull markets (which most people can do on their own), but they are clueless as to how to make money during Bear markets.”

“I believe I could come to market and provide a service that really doesn’t exist. I can provide my clients a reliable and safe way to secure their retirement goals in any economic condition. Because I don’t have the marketing overhead that other firms have I can offer these services for a fraction of what other financial firms say they can.”

“Many people get caught up in the idea of placing their portfolios with large nationally known brands. However, in those situations, those accounts are being managed by employees. They aren’t experts and are generally following cookie-cutter plans. They aren’t experts, because if they were they wouldn’t be working for the company. To them your account is just a number and my clients are more than a number to me and I’m invested in their long-term success.”

Asked where people could find more information about his services, he asked that you checkout his free case study at his website:


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