Upgraded Website Offers a Virtual Assistant to Help Find Perfect Grandma Gifts

New upgrade Teeusup website, The Teeusup upgraded website introduces an improved user shopping experience. The site now has a virtual shopper, assistant artificial intelligence to help customers find grandma gifts or presents for mom on this popular gift shopping domain.

Teeusup has announced a new upgrade to their popular website, http://teeusup.com .

Teeusup upgraded website has multiple new features designed to make life easier for new moms and grandmas looking for gifts including:

A virtual assistant to help find the right grandma gifts – The virtual agent will ask questions relating to grandmother gifts, using artificial intelligence to access shopping needs then recommend products to help with the shopping experience.

The next new feature is a new slider that updates customers on shopping gift ideas for grandma purchases. – A new slider system brings the latest products and new line items direct to the browser corner so clients can save time looking for presents for grandma and better the shopping experience as informed customers.

The site layout has been redesigned into a grid system. – The new grid layout is much easier to navigate than the old system and find the grandma gifts. The system has a fresh new look based on a shopify style theme design aiming to make it easy for customers to find and personalize the custom gifts using the improved customization system.

A full list of changes to Teeusup upgraded website can be found on the company website.

The changes in this upgraded website were brought about to make it easy to find products, grandparent gifts for everyone looking on the site. The site has been re styled and extra support added as part of an ongoing effort to improve the user experience for customers of TeeUsUp . Customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future from the new product slider system.

Simon Hampton, Owner , had this to say:

“The company has worked hard over the past 2 months to bring in the changes quickly and efficiently. The new range of products and the enhanced support and navigation are exciting and it will be good to get customer feedback which will be used to undertake the next upgrade.”

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade can do so directly on the website at http://teeusup.com. New customers can also use the virtual shop assistant to find the latest grandma gifts and presents, also ideas for new moms and grandparents on the upgraded artificially intelligent Teeusup website.

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