Upcoming November Webinar Brings Focus Back on Autism

This November, Tomatis® Australia plans to host another free webinar on autism and how to care for those suffering the condition’s well-known sensory issues.

Webinar is open to everyone and anyone eager to understand neurodiverse minds.

Every month, Tomatis® Australia hosts a free webinar for the benefit of many parents and professionals who wish to better understand the common challenges that neurodiverse children face today.

And for the month of November, they will be once again covering one of the most hot-topic conditions in the 21st century: Autism.

Officially known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it is often the most prevalent condition among children with special needs. Its impact on other disorders like dyslexia, emotional regulation and developmental delay has resulted in an increasing number of individuals who require ASD intervention.

The Tomatis® group works to help these children by pioneering research that delves into the core auditory and sensory problems that often characterise those with ASD. For despite the wide variety of those on the spectrum, many of their differently wired brains all struggle to process meaningful information from sound.

This has prompted Tomatis® professionals to look deeper into sound’s subtle impacts on brain training. Among the fruits of their research is their own program for autism and other brain conditions. During the course of it, modified musical pieces are played through specialised headphones in a number of spaced sessions as prescribed by practitioners.

But while their ongoing work is also covered in these monthly webinars, the presentation’s primary focus is also aimed at addressing common problems and misconceptions surrounding conditions like autism. It also seeks to increase awareness about the unique relationship autistic individuals have with sound and how it goes against the grain of negative stereotypes.

The webinar will be presented by French-Australian psychologist Francoise Nicoloff, who also serves as the head of Tomatis® Australia. A Q&A will also follow the presentation where attendees can learn much from her 40 years of experience and how she has been actively using the Tomatis® method in her own work.

Lastly, she is also the co-author of The Listening Journey, an in-depth guide to how sound-based support therapy came to provide hope for children who struggle with auditory processing issues created by ASD. Attendees will receive a free e-book copy soon after the webinar, further equipping with more information on how much work has been put to helping autistic children today.

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