Unlocking Psychic Potential Spiritual Gifts Control Expert Guide Book Launched

My Psychic Awakening Academy has launched an updated release of ‘The Journey of the Awakened Psychic’ by Joe Gacoscos, to give readers a guide on how to harness and control psychic abilities.

My Psychic Awakening Academy has announced the launch of Joe Gacoscos’ book ‘The Journey of the Awakened Psychic’ for people who are looking for a guide on how to awaken their spiritual potential.

More information is available at https://www.mypsychicawakening.com/free-journey-of-awakened-psychic-book-ob.

The new book book aims to give readers a proven formula that can help them hone their psychic abilities through the use of a 10-step guide. The guide can be used by people of all experience levels as well as intuitives, empaths, and other light warriors who want to learn how to unlock their psychic potential.

Many people encounter events and circumstances in their life that they may not fully understand, such as seeing number patterns in the world around them or having premonitions that come true. According to Joe Garcoscos, these experiences are due to the psychic senses a person has, and his new book aims to help people understand and unlock these abilities.

Joe Gacoscos has taught thousands of lectures on psychic abilities, as well as having taken many courses himself. His knowledge in the psychic area led him to write ‘The Journey of the Awakened Psychic’ to give others the benefit of his insight.

‘The Journey of the Awakened Psychic’ gives readers a grounded approach to unlocking their natural psychic gifts by helping them understand and control the different spiritual energies they encounter. Additionally, the book informs people on how to create psychic boundaries with beings and entities seeking to make contact from the other side by using energy tools.

The book by Joe Gacoscos was voted ‘Best Psychic Book’ by Soul and Spirit Magazine, and a reader of ‘The Journey of the Awakened Psychic’ said, “This book is one of the best and most detailed I have read regarding how to connect with, develop and control psychic gifts.”

The book is currently available through My Psychic Awakening Academy’s website, along with more information on psychic development classes, psychic readings, and many other resources. The website’s homepage can be found here, https://www.mypsychicawakening.com.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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