Universal Fishing Rod Rooftop Carrier For Fully Rigged Transport Report Released

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Backers Today has published a new report on the Altair fishing rod carrier, which allows for rooftop storage of fully set up fishing rods to save rigging and de-rigging time at fishing locations.

Backers Today has released a new report that features a detailed look at the Altair universal rooftop fishing rod carrier, which is currently available for a limited time on Kickstarter.

More information is available at https://backers.today/post/altair-the-most-universal-roof-top-rod-carrier

The new report from Backers Today explains how the Altair fishing rod carrier is able to carry fully rigged rods and poles for all types of fishing, including conventional fishing and fly-fishing varieties.

See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhmbWiB0sh8

Transporting fishing rods can often be a choice of either losing fishing time by needed to rig and de-rig a set-up at a location or risking damage to a rod by trying to transport it in its set-up state. As the new report by Backers Today explains, the Altair universal rod carrier provides a solution to this issue by allowing for complete set-ups to be easily and safely transported to and from fishing locations.

In their report, Backers Today details how the Altair rooftop carrier has been created to accommodate 90% of all fishing rod varieties in their fully rigged state. Additionally, the rooftop carrier is stack-able, allowing for multiple carriers to be equipped to a roofing shelf and transported safely.

The Altair carrier itself was designed with a powder-coated aluminum tube that can expand to 12 feet and offers tough, secure rod storage. The tube itself is lined with E.V.A. foam to provide a cushion to protect rods once stored, with a glass-infused nylon reel box to hold and secure reels of up to 6.5 inches.

Backers Today highlights that the Altair rod carrier can be attached to any style of roof rack, with an easy-to-install system making it simple to attach and remove when needed. For security, the carrier also features a lock on its end cap to allow rods to be safely locked away while in transit.

The Altair universal fishing rod carrier is currently available to be backed on Kickstarter for a limited time, with several early adopter benefits available for those wishing to support the project.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://backers.today/post/altair-the-most-universal-roof-top-rod-carrier

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