UniTech Services Group launches Neptune Suit™ ahead of Spring 2020 outage season

UniTech Services Group, a North American leader in personnel protection and nuclear waste disposal, announces the launch of its Neptune Suit™ ahead of Spring 2020 outage season.

LONGMEADOW, MA — UniTech Services Group announced the launch of Neptune Suit, its new waterproof supplied-air suit. The suit is now available to the North American nuclear industry, in advance of the Spring 2020 outage season.

In development since 2017, Neptune Suit is constructed with quiet, comfortable polyurethane-coated nylon fabric ideal for personnel protection in highly contaminated and damp areas.

“After years of prototyping, product testing and refinement, UniTech looks forward to offering a superior waterproof protective suit that customers can standardize fleet-wide,” said UniTech Technical Account Manager Shannon Fitzgerald. “Neptune Suit is an example of the team identifying an unmet industry need, taking on the challenge of engineering the right protective clothing solution, and bringing it to market.”

Final testing of the suit was completed during the Fall 2019 outage season.

Fitzgerald explained that the suit was developed to meet the overwhelming customer need for a more cost-effective means of outfitting personnel with waterproof supplied-air suits, sometimes referred to as Positive Pressure Personnel Suits (PPPS), “space suits,” “moon suits,” or other shorthand names. This form of personal protective equipment is airtight and provides positive pressure to prevent contamination to the wearer, even if the suit becomes damaged.

UniTech set out to reduce customer cost by 50 percent, without sacrificing worker safety or comfort. To design a comprehensive cost-saving solution, UniTech leveraged the expertise of its European team, well-versed in PPPS technology, as well as its supplier partnership with 3M® for industry-leading respiration and supplied air technology.

A complete Neptune Suit kit includes the following components:

· Neptune Suit

· 3M® Waterproof Hood

· 3M® Head Suspension

· 3M® Versaflo Head, Neck and Shoulder Cover

Neptune Suit has no expiration date, unlike many other PPPS units. It can also be laundered and reworn multiple times, enhancing product longevity. These benefits reduce the likelihood that inventory must be discarded after minimal use, or no use at all — a common loss issue experienced by nuclear plant management.

With the launch of this product in North America, utilities now have the benefit of reduced lead time for resupply. The product’s durability and longevity also means utilities can easily inventory Neptune Suit kits for standardized deployment to nuclear plants across their fleet.

Nuclear industry workers have the flexibility to wear Neptune Suit with or without supplied air, and it features compatibility to a vortex cooler for temperature control, making the suit applicable for many areas of operation.

“This innovation solves many common pain points experienced by U.S. nuclear plants — from overhead cost, to product longevity, to fleet-wide management and lead time,” noted Fitzgerald. “UniTech takes pride in being a true partner to its customers in developing new, safe cost-saving strategies.”

Sales inquiries regarding Neptune Suit can be addressed to UniTech Director of Sales and Marketing Gregg Johnstone at (413) 543-6911 ext. 146, or submitted online at UniTech’s website by clicking here: https://www.unitechus.com/contact-us/

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