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A new innovative free online classifieds website which is an interesting option for buying and selling in a quick and efficient way. It is a local classifieds site that operates internationally and provide free of charge services with top original tools and features.

As life becomes more and more digitalized, the old way of advertising is becoming increasingly obsolete. Internet and modern technology has combined in this information era to make everything accessible to online users as a universe of options are at hand just a few clicks away. More and more companies and individuals around the world have left behind old methods of advertising services and products such as newspapers and are embarking on this new adventure of advertising online, realizing that as a matter of fact the world today moves and functions in the wings of cyber service. Forecasts have rightly predicted that from 2013 on there would be an increasing investment in the online classified area since internet advertising will continue to grow more quickly than the other traditional medium with a consistent growth of 4% every year.

Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of websites for free classifieds in recent years, since users find it more practical to post their ads from cell phones and other mobile devices and establish contact with interested parties with no cost whatsoever. Most of these classifieds websites are daily trying to stand out from the crowd by presenting a better and improved experience to visitors because of high levels of competition. Having a user friendly appealing site which can be accessible from diverse platforms is essential these days and thus companies try to work
constantly on new unique features.

One of the free classified sites that is attracting a lot of attention right now is LOL Classifieds. This website is a simple, easy to use, online free classified site that has incorporated several useful and innovative features and services that invite return time after time. LOL classifieds uses a simplified desktop and mobile interface that makes everything easy to locate, especially first time visitors. There is reduced information on screen and its pretty easy to locate the
category to post in or search because of use of descriptive icons rather than text. Also there is the option to register and post for free with a simple click using Facebook or alternatively by typing in an email and a password.

On the other hand, the website not only offers options to customize the ads posted, which includes the addition of pictures, videos, podcasts and other media, but it also provides customization of search options, profile, inbox etc. Pretty much everything can be tailored according to individual wishes and needs making the experience more efficient.

Another advantage this site offers is the ability to repost and share ads in the most common social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google +, providing maximum exposure for ads. Also the site allows members reviews or rankings. These tools help to find the best businesses that have good practices which also reduces the risk of scams and other illegal activities.

The classifieds site has other nice features to mention, for instance there is the "Listing Favorites" which allows storage of a list of "Listings to Watch" or the ones to keep an eye on; The "Tell-a-Friend" which is an option link on every listing page that allows the sending of a listing to a friend using the internal messaging system without the need for an email; and the "Browse by thumbnails" a mode that allows navigation of the site by previewing thumbnail
pictures of listings without having to click through to them first.

However what set this website apart from the others is that Lol Classifieds offers the possibility to integrate an e-shop, (a feature available to registered members for a very cheap fee $5.00 dollars per month or less) so that sellers can have a mini store or a mini website inside the site exhibiting its products or catalogue of services just like a storefront. This feature really has a lot of potential to explore and probably could open a whole new horizon of opportunities for sellers. This subscription service presents the chance to highlight listings so that visitors click on a e-shop and a
display of the seller's listings, logo, newsletters, services, basic info are shown. Most of the basic things are easy to set up but to make the most of it will definitely require a little extra effort. Nevertheless, it does represents a unique and attractive tool, great for marketing small businesses that want to promote products and services to a much wider audience.

Lol Classifieds is available in 12 languages and is live in more than 25 countries around the globe. Although it has scarce 3 years in the business it offers buyers and sellers an interesting alternative for free online classified ads.

For more details about LOL Classifieds, please visit https://lolclassifieds.com

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