Unique Trade Show Displays To Be Difference Makers At Upcoming NAB Show

Almost 80% of visitors know EXACTLY what booths they want to see before they've stepped foot onto the floor. If a particular booth is not on their list, here's how a unique TRADE SHOW DISPLAY at NAB '16 can shake up a visitor's game plan.

Almost 80% of trade show visitors know EXACTLY what booths they want to go to and for what reason, even before they’ve stepped foot into the door. If a trade show booth is not on already on their list, there is already have one strike. For this reason, it is important to have a trade show display that will shake up a visitor’s game plan and make them forget about their original vendor destination.

Keeping it Simple While Visually Interesting with High Tech Elements

As a perspective customer is walking past any trade show booth, there are only have a matter of seconds to capture their attention and convey a message. They might not even stop to read signage or displays on the booth, but continue barreling through the masses. Think of a freeway billboard. It’s very much the same mentality. Drivers speeding down the freeway can’t/won’t stop to read a billboard. Any information that must be imparted on them must be done very quickly. One or two graphic images, at most, and an eye-catching title that sums up the business or product in just a few words.

Signs should be easily seen from the aisles and must let any passerby know the name of the company and what it does. Hanging banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They’re also easily seen from across trade show floors; which, in turn, will attract more attention. Good positioning of signs and a solid display design is enough to catch the eye and in turn, capture the lead.

A good overall tip is to keep any important information that the business wants a visitor to see, at eye-level.


There’s a reason why there is so much fantastic lighting at Hollywood premieres with the giant floodlights illuminating the sky. And if it worked for Batman, why shouldn’t it work for a business? Lighting attracts people’s attention and significantly increases an exhibition booth’s appeal. Proper lighting can highlight an important message, graphic, or display that a business wants to capture a visitor’s attention.

From a display design standpoint, good lighting can “trick” the eye into perceiving a greater sense of depth to an exhibition space, making it SEEM like the trade show display is actually bigger than it actually is. Better yet, take a cue from Richard Branson and remember that proper lighting can significantly adjust a person’s mood!

Master these few techniques and any business will find that a few seconds is much longer than what is needed to capture a passerby’s attention. And with a sales team ready to go, that lead will likely become a sale.

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