Unique Gift for Men Who Have Everything is Ready for Cyber Monday Sales Promo

In an effort to provide shopping convenience for consumers, The Man Sham makes a unique gift for men who have everything available at a steep discount during a Cyber Monday weekend sale promotion.

The Man Sham, a company specializing in it’s namesake, The Man Sham Chamois, is announcing a Cyber Monday weekend sale, making it available as a unique and special gift for men who have everything. The company was made aware of the many shoppers who are looking for the perfect gift ideas for men on their shopping list and decided to do a limited time sale on Amazon from now until Monday.

The Man Sham is available on Amazon Prime here: The Man Sham

The product is a soft PVA chamois, specifically engineered to soak up high volumes of water quickly. The quick absorption of water after a car wash is an essential component of a spot-free and head-turning shine.

The finish on a vehicle is very vulnerable to scratches and using a high-quality, soft chamois will help to avoid damaging that sparkling paint job. From superior water absorption, to ease of use, users confirm that the Man Sham is a quality chamois that auto enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

More info about The Man Sham can be found at https://youtu.be/fNGZPHgphQE.

The Man Sham is easy to use. It can be folded for use or it can be pulled over the surface of a vehicle to absorb any water on the finish after a wash. After it is saturated, it can quickly and easily be wrung out and is quickly ready to continue water removal. It is similar in feel to a sheepskin chamois but it does not need to be stretched, nor is it made from sheep skin.

Each Man Sham comes in a container that is designed for continuous duty storing the chamois. The Man Sham needs to be stored slightly damp in its storage tube to keep it soft and ready for the next use. It is designed to resist mildew.

This latest announcement is part of the company’s commitment to making a superior car wash obtainable with minimum effort.

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