Unique Article Rewriter Service For Blog And Website Content Launched

An internet marketing company has developed a content creator tool that lets users create an unlimited number of unique articles and blogs from rewritten content instantly.

Marketing automation firm Prosperative has launched a content-building tool that easily creates numerous unique and search engine-friendly articles that can be used on a website or blog.

More information is found at http://haveinfo.com/article-builder-jonathan-leger-prosperative-team

The company’s automation tool ArticleBuilder has the capability to create a “super spun” article, which is created by first having one high-quality content rewritten 25 times with the same “thought structure” and then putting together those 25 articles again to create one unique article.

According to the company, this process can be done repeatedly in ArticleBuilder, allowing users to create an unlimited amount of unique articles. These articles can then be used as website content, social media posts, and blog entries, among others.

The company also said that all the writers that create the content in the tool are all vetted native-English speakers, who have passed a stringent screening test.

Unique articles are essential in ranking higher in search engine results, particularly in Google results. Google said that content is “deliberately duplicated” in some cases in an attempt to manipulate search engine rankings and invite more traffic.

Google warns that if it perceives that duplicate content is being used to deceive users, it will make “appropriate adjustments” in the ranking of the website that published it.

According to a Prosperative spokesperson, ArticleBuilder allows users and marketers to avoid being flagged by using technology to create original content that helps websites improve their search ranking legitimately.

Repurposing content also has a number of functions in online marketing. For one, it can help websites perform better in search results because publishing diverse content creates more opportunities to target certain queries. Spinning old content can also give it a new life by making it more relevant to current readers.

“We all know that content is king in digital marketing, but commissioning custom-created content can be expensive. Those who resort to repeated content and badly spun articles will see their website flagged and sent to the last pages of search results,” a Prosperative spokesperson said. “Article Builder will prevent this by providing the user with well-written original content every time.”

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