Union CBA Compliance Automation/Employee Schedule Management Software Launched

PFM Scheduling Services has launched a new software application that allows employers to automate and evaluate employee schedules and ensure staff compliance with management guidelines.

The company’s recently launched application offers a tool that applies to any industry and provides a multitude of benefits for full-time or part-time employee management. This includes reduced human resource management expenses, higher measures of compliance, increased productivity, and added functionality for analytics.

More details can be found at https://pfmscheduling.com

As the interest in more efficient work process tools increases, PFM Scheduling Services’ software delivers a solution that allows employers and managers to schedule and manage employee productivity in a cost-effective manner.

With the company’s new software product, employers can automate employee schedules under a preset work plan, and ensure complete compliance with employment rules and assignments as they develop. Employers and managers can use the software’s analytical features to evaluate employee performance and adherence to baselines, budgets, and other indicators.

The PFM Scheduling Services software has been designed with the capacity to integrate with major schedule maintenance and timekeeping systems, making it easier for managers to migrate data or work between platforms.

The company’s software supports best in-practice management processes for the deployment and adoption of optimal scheduling standards. Its scheduling processes for efficient time management have also been shown to improve employee satisfaction.

Besides its simplified user interface that makes it easy to operate without significant technical training, the company provides a comprehensive library of learning materials and customer support.

About the Company

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, PFM Scheduling Services was founded in 2009 and develops business tools to help employers and managers make their administrative processes more efficient. The company was formed as part of the Alberta Innovates Center for Machine Learning, which focuses on furthering scientific research into artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A representative said, “Our product can simultaneously accommodate hundreds of both union and customized rules, and produce a 100% rule and budget compliant schedule that meets quality standards. We partnered with several schedule builders to capture the voice of the customer and ensure that the user experience is intuitive and friendly. Business intelligence has been built into the PFM Suite to aid the user in successfully using the tool.”

For more information, please visit https://pfmscheduling.com

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