Unchargeables Spoonie Warrior Clothes Stickers Create & Design Store Launched

The Unchargeables community has launched a new web store for chronically ill customers and their supporters to buy high quality clothes and items. It focuses on products with a unique twist or funny slogan, and prides itself on its high quality service.

A new online web store has launched, called The Unchargeables Shop, offering a wide range of unique, funny and high quality clothing and items for chronically ill people or their supporters. It started with the Unchargeables community, which began with a Facebook page called “Spoonies For Life”, where chronically ill people could share their struggles. Now it’s an online store, where they can come together and also sell their own products and design ideas.

More information can be found at: http://theunchargeablesshop.com.

The Unchargeables community developed so that chronically ill people could find their own tribe, share their struggles, and enjoy positive quotes. It was also a place for them to be around other people who understood their own struggles.

This provided a place for oneness, friendship, and developing a better peace of mind. It also represented a safe space for them to engage with others in the same boat. While the page grew, there was a need for a closed support group. After a while, the group rebranded, and became the Unchargeables.

Based around the idea of the Battery Analogy, it compares the lives of those dealing with chronic illness, who often suffer from low energy levels, to a faulty battery. They can never charge, and therefore they are Unchargeables.

A wide range of items based around this theme is available on the Unchargeables web shop. These include T-shirts with the slogan “I’m fine” emblazoned across the chest, a low spoon warning empty battery design, and a “It’s a Spoonie Thing” sticker.

Spoonie Warrior bracelets are available, alongside T-shirts and clothing with the slogan “Not every disability is visible.” Clothing ranges from flannel pants and leggings to T-shirts and other tops, with a selection of other high quality items available for people to buy.

Any Unchargeables with an idea for a T-shirt or other item they would like to create are urged to get in touch with the shop. The company explains that the best designs come from the community, and they can provide fast turnaround on creating them.

Full details on the products available can be found on the URL above. Interested parties can get in touch through the Facebook Messenger service provided on site.

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