Ultra Heat Resistant Grill Gloves Non-Slip Silicone Grip Mitts Launch Announced

Cave Tools has launched its super high heat resistant oven mitts and BBQ gloves on Amazon. They are designed to be comfortable and non slip with a focus on high quality design and safety.

Cave Tools has announced the launch of their durable, ultra high heat resistant oven mitts on Amazon. Customers who enjoy grilling and cooking in oven pots but want to focus on safety and protection will find the gloves are ideal for avoiding burns, accidents, dropping items, and spills.

More information can be found at: https://amazon.com/Cave-Tools-Glove-Oven-Mitts/dp/B07DFPWTHM

Cave Tools is a specialist in grilling accessories and cooking implements to help people make the best barbecued and grilled food possible. The company is also known for its smokers, tenderizers and other cooking implements.

The company was founded by Michael O’Donnell in 2013, with the vision of creating superior barbecue and cooking tools. In addition to this, Cave Tools has always aimed to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Every product produced by Cave Tools has been designed to be the best on the market. The company is also known for going above and beyond to provide more value than its competitors, while ensuring boutique style customer service.

The new BBQ glove oven mitts launch on Amazon allows customers to get their hands on high quality, super durable mitts that are designed to withstand the highest temperatures of up to 662 Fahrenheit.


This allows customers to grill and barbecue to their heart’s content, without worrying about accidental burns. Customers’ forearms are also protected by extended cuffs for added safety.

The oven mitts are designed to be the perfect combination of heat resistance, flexibility, and grip. They are made from lightweight flame retardant aramid fiber, which is coated in non slip silicone.

Customers can therefore use the gloves to safely move, carry, lift and adjust pots, pans and plates, along with skewers of food.

A recent happy customer said: “These oven mitts have a surprisingly good fit. I’m 6’ 5” tall with big hands and these mitts fit well. The added length, which covers more of my forearms, is an added positive point with the overall fit and added safety.”

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