Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel Launches Best Snorkeling In Maui Page

Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel Launches Best Snorkeling Spots In Maui web page for locals and tourist visiting Maui Hawaii.

March 6th 2017 – Ultimate Whale Watch and Snorkel Launches Best Snorkeling In Maui Page with the intention of helping travelers and nature lovers enjoy an enthralling experience in the beautiful waters of Maui, Hawaii.

The Ultimate captains and crew members know these Maui waters like the back of their hands. Many of them have been naturalist guides and have been in the oceans for over 10 years. Some of the crew members are free divers while others are spear fishermen and some others have undergone formal marine education. One thing that unites the team is their deep love towards the paradise under the sea. These are experts that strive to give every traveler and nature lover the best time of their life.

Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel has a number of tours that allow patrons to have an adventure of their lifetime. While they have snorkeling tours in Lanai the ones in Maui coast are the best. The waters are crystal clear, and the coral reefs are simply breathtaking. Under the guidance of the expert guides, one can even spot dolphins apart from many other rare fish varieties. Diving in the deep waters is made fun and exciting, and for those who do not wish to spend a whole day in the waters, the company also offers exciting cruises. The afternoon snorkeling sessions are approximately 3 hours long, where one can see colorful reefs, groups of turtles and schools of tropical fish.

Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel has now taken the joy of snorkeling in the waters to Maui to an all new level altogether. They have come up with a list of ten best snorkeling spots in Maui that are picturesque and teeming with underwater sea life. The company also offers private charters for larger families or more special occasions. All the snorkel gear are provided and the only requirements are that the patrons have not had any serious neck or back injuries and should know to swim.

According to sources, one of the team members at Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel said, “We are extremely excited and thrilled to announce snorkeling tours in ten of the best snorkeling sites in Maui.” He added, “We strive to ensure that every snorkeling session is made fun and enjoyable while also being safe and comfortable.”

The snorkeling sites include- Honolua Bay that is meant for those who are zealous about water sports. Molokini Crater is yet another top snorkeling site that has a beautiful underwater sanctuary and is thronged by water sports enthusiasts. Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel also recommends snorkeling at Olowalu Beach, Turtle Town – 5 Graves, 5 Caves, Kapalua Beach, La Perouseb, Black Rock, Big beach, Napili Bay, and Coral Gardens. From mountains and green valleys in the backdrop to beautiful sands to relax on after a long snorkeling session, each of these spots is better than the other, and Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel leaves no stone unturned in turning snorkeling session into a once in a lifetime experience.

More information can be found here: http://ultimatewhalewatch.com/snorkeling-in-maui/

About Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel

Ultimate Whale Watch & Snorkel was established in the year 1982 with the sole intention of giving travel lovers and opportunity to witness and enjoy the beauty of the sea at close quarters. What started as small trips to enjoy their time in Maui’s ocean water, slowly grew to become a platform to share the amazing wilderness under the deep blue sea with the world.

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