Ultimate Freedom Experience Opportunity Awareness Online Resources Launched

A businessman and NY Times bestselling author has launched a free online quiz that acts as an introduction to his system, which has been used by thousands globally to achieve ultimate freedom and end struggle, suffering, stress, and emotional pain.

A New York Times bestselling author and speaker has introduced an online quiz aimed at individuals looking to experience more freedom in their lives.

More information is available here: Experience Ultimate Freedom

Robert Scheinfeld is offering people a free quiz designed to help them determine the factors preventing them from experiencing the freedom they hunger for. According to him, identifying these “freedom killers” is the first step toward living the life they desire most.

The quiz takes 60-seconds to complete and asks a series of questions about the aspect in one’s life they most want to change, one’s clarity of vision, one’s mindset and attitude, and more. The result of the quiz is a report explaining the meaning of the score.

Mr. Scheinfeld said understanding these results can help individuals consistently experience the freedom to be and express who they really are without worrying about the consequences. In addition, it can also help them be free from negative experiences like anxiety, worry, fear, anger, frustration, depression, sadness, and other forms of suffering and emotional pain.

Furthermore, he stated that figuring out one’s #1 freedom killer can help one people their TRUE dream life, as opposed to the fake dream life most people seek

Mr. Scheinfeld believes there are four reasons why people fail at experiencing freedom, despite spending a lot of time and money seeking it. He said he uses a radically different approach that does not involve techniques, daily practices, or exercises like visualization.

His approach relies on taking the individual through an experience that permanently changes them, as they go through it, and frees them from their internal blocks that cause limitation, emotional suffering and pain.

“Life has a deeper level that anyone can experience after they uncover their hidden story,” Mr. Scheinfeld said. “Discovering this level will allow people to trigger an extraordinary shift within and around them, and this quiz is the first step toward discovery.”

Mr. Scheinfeld experienced financial successes himself through the various technology companies he founded and sold.

But he admitted that despite his achievements, he was unable to enjoy them because of something that was blocking his ability to do so. He said he found the secret to removing those blocks after taking a unique journey that unfolded over 30 years.

The quiz and the full details about its benefits can be accessed using the URL above.

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