UK’s Private hospital nurses end pain suffering from non-prescription medicine

Being a Nurse in this day and age can be literally back-breaking, stressful, anxiety, depression and insomnia but the solution can be found in a 30ml bottle

Nurses are like modern day angles, working tirelessly to take care of others often working long hours with little rest. Although nursing is a profession that many people love but as with any profession that involves employees working in stressful conditions it does come with some health problems. Here are some of the common health problems that nurses may experience…

Occupational Stress

Nursing is known to be an occupation that involves high levels of stress. Job stress not only impacts nurses health but also their ability to deal with the demands of the job. Stress can be triggered by not having time to rest, attitudes of doctors towards nurses, inadequate pay, being posted in busy departments and also from abusive patients. Unfortunately job related stress has been escalating for years in the nursing industry due to health services being constantly underfunded and the turbulent work environment that has been created from this.

Mental Health Issues

Statistics show that a huge number of nurses suffer from mental health issues with suicide rates amongst nurses 23% higher than the national average from 2011 to 2017. Long hours, staff shortages, a culture of bullying and dealing with traumatic incidents are just some of the things that can lead to nurses having anxiety, depression, insomnia and sadly commuting suicide.

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is a common health problem that occurs amongst nurses, although there are different lifting equpiments available to nurses much of the job will involve manual lifting of patients on a daily basis during activities such as using the toilet, transferring from chair to bed and assisting patients to mobilise. Even nurses that don’t provide one to one care to patients can suffer from lower back pain due to being on their feet for long durations or having bad posture when doing paperwork. Nurses are seen to be in a high risk group for Occupational lower back pain and Lower back pain is the largest cause of work related absence.


Fatigue is a mental or physical exhaustion that can stop a person from functioning normally and it is very much a reality within nursing and nurses can experience fatigue within their body and mind which has a direct effect on their job role, The usual high pressured, fast paced and under staffed conditions are usually the root cause with nurses not having enough time to rest or eat and are often working much longer hours than they should be leading to poor sleep and diet.

Adverses effects from long term exposure to hazardous chemicals

Every year thousands of employees across all sectors become ill by using hazardous substances. Nursing involves being exposed to substances such as antiseptics, disinfectants, formaldehyde, Ethylene Oxide and so much more.Many of these substances are known to cause Dermatitis, Asthma, Irritation and Allergic Reactions. .

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