UK YouTube Small Business Ranking Expert Video Marketing Programme Launched

North Yorkshire, UK video marketing agency MW Digital Yorkshire has launched the G1 video marketing programme for UK small businesses. The programme is designed to help UK small business videos rank on the first page of YouTube for a target keyphrase.

MW Digital Yorkshire announced the launch of its G1 video marketing programme for small businesses in the UK. The program helps small enterprises achieve a high rank on YouTube for small business UK results and promote their products or services.

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The North Yorkshire YouTube for business digital marketing agency has launched the G1 Programme to help small companies improve their ranking on YouTube search results for target keywords.

MW Digital Yorkshire has launched the G1 Programme as more small companies aim to market their products and services on YouTube. The programme uses an optimisation strategy based on 47 key components that influence search engine result pages (SERPs).

Amazon’s Alexa reports that YouTube is now the second-most visited website in the world and the second-largest search engine. As more customers and companies search YouTube for business videos, small businesses with a cohesive video marketing strategy stand to gain from the increased online visibility, lead generation, and sales.

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MW Digital Yorkshire helps small businesses plan a video campaign, develop a script, and produce their business video. Video production is followed by research-based optimisation for a chosen keyword phrase. The G1 Programme is designed to deliver instant results on the first page of YouTube.

According to a spokesperson for the North Yorkshire, UK YouTube marketing agency, “We are delighted to offer the G1 Programme to small businesses looking to leverage the power of YouTube to improve customer engagement, showcase their products and services to targeted viewers, and benefit from faster video ranking.”

MW Digital Yorkshire is a video marketing digital agency based in York, specialising in YouTube for small businesses and YouTube local business video marketing.

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