UK YouTube For Small Business Local Marketing Google Ranking Service Launched

A marketing agency in the UK has launched a proprietary method of optimising YouTube videos designed to increase the likelihood of making them appear in prominent sections of Google results.

An agency in York has launched their video marketing service designed for small businesses looking to rank higher in Google search results.

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With their newly launched service MW Digital Yorkshire is offering small businesses in the UK a means to quickly grow their online presence and to reach Google’s first page through video. The company is offering a free trial to business owners who want to see a demonstration of the program.

According to the company, it can improve a business’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) in days, instead of weeks or months. It explained that this is possible because video ranks quickly on search engine result pages compared to traditional SEO.

Apart from YouTube’s relationship with its parent company Google, MW Digital Yorkshire explained that the latter often promotes video content that is correctly optimised.

MW Digital Yorkshire said it has a team of videographers skilled in creating engaging content for target audiences. They work in tandem with the company’s video SEO strategists who make sure that the completed video rank highly in SERPs through proper optimisation.

While many small businesses are utilising YouTube in their marketing, many of these fail to produce results. MW Digital Yorkshire said it has identified 47 key areas that spell the difference between the first and second page of Google results.

The company has uploaded a recording of a live call with a client, where it demonstrates its system and the resulting improvement in the client’s search engine rank. The demonstration can be accessed at

The company explained that there are a number of reasons why YouTube videos work better than traditional SEO. One of those is engagement as video allows business owners to “talk” to potential customers and show them that their needs are understood.

Another reason is Google’s treatment of video content itself, which it considers rich and favourable. Rich content is any type of content that features video, audio, and images. Google stated that rich media provides an engaging user experience that leads to higher interaction, increases conversions, and gives better metrics.

In addition, Google has confirmed that it “crawls” video content and that there are ways to increase the likelihood of one’s videos being returned in query results.

Full details of the program can be found at or the URL above.

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