UK White Label Health Food/Supplements Printing – Custom Branding Service Launch

Specialist Supplements has announced an update to its white label services that can create custom labelled health products and dietary supplements for UK businesses looking to boost their revenue.

Specialist Supplements have launched its updated white label services for business owners in the UK looking to sell their own branded health foods and dietary supplements.

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The updated services can be used by companies such as those in the fitness industry to promote and sell health supplements with custom logos to create loyalty and prestige for their brand while improving revenue.

Business owners looking to both increase their profits and add a professional look for their company may know of the advantages of selling branded products featuring their logo and business name. However, sourcing products, designing packaging and dispatching items can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Specialist Supplements’ services offer a solution to this problem with their complete white-label services that also include direct-to-customer dropshipping.

The products available in the company’s white label services include a wide range of food supplements, health foods and herbal formulas such as antioxidants, digestive aids, meal shakes, omega oils, protein powders, and weight management aids. Additionally, all the company’s products are manufactured within the UK and follow strict GMP and ISO standards.

To allow complete customisation for the products, Specialist Supplements include a client’s business name, logo, and contact details alongside each product’s description and ingredients list. They can also provide professional images of a client’s custom labelled products for use on their website and marketing materials.

Designing a custom label through the company is done through a one-time fee that can then be used for all products with no minimum orders or contract required. Furthermore, clients get complimentary lifetime printing for their custom labels, only paying for the products they purchase.

The dropshipping services from Specialist Supplements give clients the ability to send products directly to their customers in the UK, removing the need for product storage or the time and expense of packaging themselves. This service maintains a professional image, with items appearing to have been shipped straight from a business’s own warehouse.

Having been trading since 1995, the UK company has both the industry experience and established business practices to allow them to provide clients with a reliable and efficient white label service.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We do all we can to help our customers to make a success of their businesses and boost their income.”

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