UK Virtual Team Building Activities Staff Collaboration Report Launched

Virtual Staff Engagement released a new report outlining various methods for increasing staff engagement and motivation while working remotely. VSE also offers online games to boost collaboration.

Virtual Staff Engagement, an online team-building service provider, has released a new report on employee engagement during the modern homeworking era. The company offers a range of virtual games, activities, and training exercises intended to increase staff collaboration and well-being.

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The new report aims to explain the beneficial role of gamification as an effective way to boost remote team building and decrease employees’ feelings of isolation.

According to the Institute of Directors (IoD), 74% of UK companies intend to continue with homeworking even after national stay-at-home orders are lifted. When working off-site and away from each other, employees may experience reduced performance, lowered morale, and a lack of self-esteem if not managed appropriately. Isolation, in particular, can reduce staff output by as much as 21%.

Virtual Staff Engagement has identified various methods for companies to prevent employee feelings of solitude, including virtual coffee meetings, online lunch clubs, and forums where staff can share interesting photos or stories.

The newest report also points to gamification as a practical form of team building through fun and creative activities. These stress-relieving exercises allow employees to work together remotely to solve a variety of different challenges.

Given the global shift caused by the current pandemic, the VSE team has focused on developing virtual activities, programmes, and training to improve staff commitment and desire to grow despite unforeseen circumstances.

VSE offers an assortment of interactive programmes for managers to choose from based on their staff’s skill set. The company’s online escape rooms and games are designed to create an enjoyable employee experience and to build a more engaged and productive workforce.

In addition, VSE also provides a series of virtual training seminars that aim to increase employee motivation, resilience, critical thinking, and well-being.

A satisfied client said: “Virtual Staff Engagement is easy to work with and they used their expertise to develop a unique digital solution for us. As a result, I received great feedback from the participants and the sales inquiries increased.”

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