UK Unconscious Workplace Gender Bias Expert – Prejudice Prevention Book Released

Buki Mosaku announced the release of his new book, which talks about his original solution for effectively recognizing and handling bias in the workplace.

Buki Mosaku, a London-based bias-navigation expert, announced his forthcoming book aimed at identifying and overcoming implicit bias in the workplace. The book, “I Don’t Understand? A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace,” explains Mosaku’s innovative methodology for calling out professional bias as it happens.

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The soon-to-be-released book fully outlines Mosaku’s “I Don’t Understand?” methodology (IDU?), the culmination of twenty years of studying bias.

The recent “Sofagate” incident highlights gender optics and the need for an effective method of addressing gender, race, and all other forms of bias towards marginalised groups.

At a recent sit-down between European Union leaders and the President of Turkey, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel arrived at the meeting to find only two chairs– one already occupied by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Michel took the other chair, leaving von der Leyen speechless with consternation.

Mosaku’s book focuses on his unique communications solution to recognise bias as it happens and neutralise it in order to avoid tension and a stressful work environment. Von der Leyen’s single comment in the moment, “Ehrm…?” exemplifies the need for his strategy of addressing bias in the moment, preventing an unconscious bias related behaviour from snowballing into a major incident.

Mosaku himself is a veteran consultant, trainer, coach, and communications guru who has worked with over fifty thousand individuals over his twenty-year career. He has consulted for clients of all sizes, including several FTSE and Fortune 500 companies.

The unconscious bias-navigation expert is also the founder of DiverseCity Think Tank, a diversity and inclusion consultancy. The consultancy specialises in boosting productivity through bias mitigation solutions. It supports and drives a culture of high-performing diversity.

His IDU? methodology was developed as a results-oriented approach rooted in workplace fairness, equality, and efficacy. His newly-announced book is the first to comprehensively lay out his strategy for handling bias on the job.

This latest announcement continues the consultancy’s mission to eradicate all forms of professional bias through communication and collaboration.

A Columbia University Professor of Neurology praises Mosaku’s methodology: “…the IDU? approach provides an alternative framework that if used with sufficient regularity has the potential to interrupt our intrinsic predisposition to embrace cognitive shortcuts. By reconditioning us to challenge these internalised presumptions during mental decision-making processes, IDU? may have even broader implications for social development.”

Additional information regarding Mosaku’s forthcoming book, “I Don’t Understand? A Practical Guide to Navigating Bias in the Workplace” and his methodology of the same name can be found at or

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