UK Primary Schools Bubble Nativity Socially Distanced Christmas Guide Launched

A guide has been launched for UK primary schools about bubble-friendly nativities. The team at Out of the Ark explain there are challenges to navigate, but nativities are important for children.

A new guide has been launched aimed at primary school teachers in the UK who want to create a bubble-friendly nativity for Christmas 2020. Out of the Ark Music and its team explain they are one of the most popular suppliers of singing resources for primary schools around the UK and understand the importance of the nativity to help develop the confidence of children.

Follow this link to find the full guide on 2020 christmas nativities for school bubbles

The newly launched guide is reflective of the uncertainty being faced by many primary schools around the UK regarding the ongoing pandemic. Out of the Art explains a nativity is one of the only opportunities for children to experience the process of piecing together a large-scale production.

In many schools the excitement and anticipation of this Christmas tradition can bring people together and offer a sense of belonging, achievement, and give children a confidence boost say the team. In addition, it can help children learn to manage their nerves and practice public speaking, which are essential life skills.

Out of the Ark says many teachers may be wondering how they can put on a Christmas nativity this year, which is why the team have developed several bubble-friendly possibilities. For instance, the team suggest working in smaller groups than usual where each child can play a central role.

Options developed by the team have been grouped based on age ranges including 3-6, 5-9, and 5-11. Additionally, the team explain schools operating bubbles could utilise a nativity that can be split into a contemporary and traditional set of characters. They explain the separate plays could be recorded and pieced together.

Non-singing nativities are also an option for teachers as there are audio tracks available on CD or digitally through the Words on Screen player, or the team suggest the backing tracks could be used as an accompaniment.

A representative said: “There has never been a better time to give your nativity a special make over and present it in a slightly different way, providing the children with greater and more diverse opportunities. Indeed, 2020 is surely the year to create an even more exciting and memorable nativity experience than ever before.”

To read the guide in full, follow the link above, or alternatively you can head directly to the full range of Christmas Musicals.

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