UK Press Release Distribution just got a whole lot easier, New service announced

The UK Press Release Writing and Distribution space has been changed forever with the launch of a service with a cast iron guarantee of a predictable outcome, PR2GO certainly seem to have raised the bar with their UK Press Release Writing and Distribution service.

PR2GO is a new service offered by a collection of seasoned UK Press Release writing experts. They have former journalists specialising in product launches, Home Improvement, Motoring, Agriculture, Travel, Sport and Fitness. Their proposition is unusual in that they guarantee to turn work round in a set time scale with a pre determined outcome.

“Focusing on the delivery of results is the key to our press release writing and distribution service we want clients to request a service and we simply take over and deliver the results” explains Chief Writer John Rutherford. Gone are the days when a press release is written and submitted and clients are left hoping their commission is published and generating the results required, with this new service they go as far guaranteeing the results.

One of the key frustrations with press release Writing and distribution is the reliance on very busy editors to take up a story and publish it. John explains “It’s all about the outcome, most non professionals get hooked up in the story, we take a different view, what outcome is best for the client long term?” John further explains “We then go about devising a strategy to deliver that result, which will include how the Press Release is written and how we choose to distribute it” The team currently work predominantly in the UK market but have on occasions delivered exceptional results in the North America and Australia. As John says “sometimes it is just better to stick to what you know, and we know the UK Press Release Distribution circles very well indeed!”

The service offered by PR2GO was designed to be simple from the outset, cost and complexity have been stripped out. Clients simply state a product or service in a given geographical area, the team then take a look and determine if they can devise a strategy that will deliver the outcome required within the guaranteed service they offer.

John concludes “We don’t take on every request, but we do explain why, it is important for the team to be able to deliver results, after all that is why we setup this press release writing and distribution service, with its built in the cast iron guarantees it comes with”.

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