UK Practice Management Software – Integrated Clinic Video Call Solutions Launch

With the pandemic having changed the way that medical clinics operate, practice management software company Power Diary launches new updates to its UK-based services.

The enhanced solution now integrates a wide range of functions, including telehealth, payments and invoicing, calendar management and online bookings, as well as patient management and clinical notes.

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The past 18 months have seen many industries, including healthcare, adopt technological systems on an unprecedented scale. Telehealth was one notable addition for medical practitioners. Recognising the increased demand for an all-in-one solution, Power Diary now offers an update to its popular practice management system that was designed with future requirements in mind.

Practice management software (PMS) is not a new concept, and many clinics are already using some type of computer system. However, with many such systems being added in a somewhat piecemeal fashion, the true efficiency benefits of modern technology are not always being fully realised.

The addition of telehealth services during the pandemic is a good example. Being a relatively new requirement, many clinics adopted solutions that act independently of other PMS systems. With their latest upgrade, Power Diary brings the fragmented elements of practice management systems into one solution.

As already suggested, telehealth is one of the new components offered. This feature integrates with other elements of the software, such as appointment bookings and patient notes, allowing healthcare providers to streamline their workflow when making video calls. For additional information, please see:

A range of online forms are also now offered, allowing patients to complete and submit information that is immediately linked with their own profile. Along with the functions already provided, Power Diary believes that the recent additions make the software some of the most powerful and comprehensive on the market today.

About Power Diary

Designed specifically for healthcare practices, Power Diary is based on a powerful calendar that provides the foundation for all other functions to operate. Its ease-of-use has made it popular in over 23 countries. Some clinics currently using the software include physiotherapists, psychologists, chiropractors, speech therapists, and osteopaths.

One practice manager stated: “I am very happy with the way you have brought all the data from my old database into Power Diary. Power Diary just keeps getting more and more powerful.”

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