UK Paper Reveals New Development in the Vaccine Controversy

Fucoidan Reviews has released a new article, drawing attention to the real dangers of vaccine administration and the gross under-reporting of side effects. Those concerned can read more here.

The Independent has uncovered shocking information about the reported adverse effects associated with HPV vaccinations, and the amount of damage being caused by them. These findings were based on information released by MHPRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).

In this report, a staggering number of adverse drug reactions are said to be caused by the HPV vaccine; 8,228, of which 2,587 were classified as “serious” – defined by several criteria, including if the side effect resulted in hospitalization or was considered a life threatening condition.

A representative for the MHRA said “These figures do not reflect the true amount of ADRs because there is an unknown and variable level of under-reporting. We estimate to receive about 10 per cent of all reports.”

Readers will be shocked to learn that, before this information was made publicly available, many officials all over the world were well aware of these potential side effects. Just last year, Japan publicly withdrew its recommendation for the vaccine.

This exposure comes on the heels of a recent NIH report, revealing that a developmental department within their facility was not following proper procedure.

A representative for Fucoidan Reviews, Nora Markin says “These numbers are absolutely shocking, considering the number of young women who receive this shot every day, and all over the world. As a community, we need to hold our officials accountable and do our own research before assuming a vaccine is safe for use.”

Those who want to learn more can review the full article at While there, readers are invited to take full advantage of all information available on site.

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